Tuesday, May 26, 2009

It has been too long ...

It has been nearly two years since I last blogged, and sadly I have missed writing. Whenever people ask me, "are you writing ?" Sadly, I've replied "yes, I write lesson plans and tests for my kids, nothing else." Of course, with a sagging frown and a heavy lip that nearly touches the ground. Writing has always been my outlet, my release, the way I cope with things, the way I escape things...

A lot has taken place in my life; I'm now a married woman, and I am still getting used to being called "Mrs. Gonzalez." Sadly, I still don't answer when they call me by that name at the doctor's office. What happened to "Elsie" or "Miss C?" My students still call me "Miss C;" it just stuck I guess, like a big sign on my forehead that says "Miss C." The school year is almost over, and I am ready to begin my summer of reading and writing and cooking.

Yes, cooking, I've fallen in love with cooking since I became a married woman and had my own kitchen, and truly my own space, where I follow the steps of a recipe and gather the ingredients and produce meals and desserts. I visit recipe sites daily, and I've started really "studying" Mexican cuisine and different culinary practices.

Tony and I have adjusted to each other and living together; if my family wasn't so traditional, I would've lived with him before marriage, because YOU REALLY DON'T KNOW SOMEONE TILL YOU LIVE WITH THEM! However, I am grateful, we had our big church dream wedding and I respected my parent's wishes. We have our fights and ups and downs, and the passionate love-making always reminds me our souls are connected, not just our bodies. When we are apart, I still miss him and how he hugs me every time and gets mad if I don't kiss his luscious lips, then sometimes I wish hed' turn the TV off, so i could have some silence to read, lol. We made those vows, FOREVER, TILL DEATH DO US PART. So, we've learned to respect each other more. Especially, the differences.

I've had some health problems that I am praying for healing about, and I think the doctors have finally found out what's wrong with me - IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I spent the day at the ER last week, and the doctor was real thorough and said my intestines are all cramped up when they shouldn't be. So no wonder, I couldn't move and get out of bed to go to work or I've been vomiting what I eat, so thank God, I am on my way to good health.

I must have more faith though and spend more time in prayer. That's the only way I am going to get better. God did heal me from a cyst I had in my kidney that suddenly just disappeared, so thank God for that. It was like He was reminding me that he's there, looking out for me, and he's going to heal me.

I am at the library, and it's been a great release to just update the blogging world on how I'm doing, and I hope to return again.

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