Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Comfortably Content

The third day of school has already passed, and I realize I am where I am supposed to be, comfortably content in my own classroom with the colorful posters with blue borders that have stars across them. The hunter green blinds and the sun seeping through the cracks. The red bean bags in the corners under the blue poster board that says "Reading Corner" in red letters. The carpets that range from cream to brown neatly arranged on the floor until the kids run over there and move them around to their fancy.

I am getting to know the students, one by one, emotions, hyperactivity, and sweetness - all put together in the assortment of 4th - 6th graders. My goal - to teach them to be active readers and creative writers. What fun lessons. I do like the age of fourth graders; they are still children with a hint of puberty sprouting within, and they don't even realize it. The fifth graders are well-mannered, but still losing that unconsciousness of the difference between boys and girls. Yesterday, during an introductory lesson of changes. I asked the question, "What kind of changes are taking place in your life right now? Physical changes? Emotional changes?" One little boy with a bright smile, yelled out "I'm becoming a MAN!" I wanted to release the laugh out loud, instead smiled cheerfully and wrote it physical "bodily" changes on the board.

The sixth graders are mature, able to relate to those teeange growing-up both frightening and enlightening narratives. They are that lazy generation of "show me video clips, and I will watch and be quiet" later on, they thanked me and said they had so much fun, watchign the news from They were still learning; it's a concept of journalism - the news. I was still teaching.

It has been fun; I am tired - my eyelids are heavy, but I am thankful and grateful for God's work in my life.