Saturday, July 21, 2007

Finally - Tiempo Para Escribir Otra Vez!

The two weeks went by so quickly but so long at the same time, like I kept watching my watch - can the second hand move any slower? I had two weeks of 12 days of teacher workshops. The State of Texas does not make it easy to be a teacher here; they want to stress you out and give you these tests, and right when you think you've completed them all, another one is thrown at you. But it's okay! It will be worth it on the first day of school when I start teaching.

God has been working so much in my life; I just celebrated my 23rd birthday. On Thursday, Tony and I did some work for my quinceanera project; we interviewed the priest at the Church and it was fun, very powerful, influential, truthful interivew - sin pelos en la lengua. Then we had turkey burgers for dinner; they were okay, next we saw Live Free or Die Hard - pretty action-oriented film! Tony bought me a dozen pink roses, a pretty balloon that said "Relax, it's your birthday!", some chocolate kisses, the movie In the Time of the Butterflies. It was fun being with him and celebrating my birthday.

Friday, I celebrated with my family and some friends, too bad that Tony had to work because the new Harry Potter book came out; I think about 50 sold, because everyone buys books like at Waldenbooks or Hastings here in Victoria. My mom made hamburgers with toasted buns and all the works and my sister, Tina, made nachos. We had delicious red velvet cake and a chocolate chip cookie for dessert and lots of rasberry tea! The family atmosphere was great, that's what I love about being Latina, we may talk a lot of sh*t, but hey we're always here for each other, whether it's to talk sh*t or celebrate or chismar. Whatever you know!

I got a lot of gifts, fairy (Tinkerbell) stuff, teacher stuff, M & M's, a sexy top I am wearing today! I can't believe my brother who I have called my "bro" since I was like one, bought me this cute cute top in bright turqoiuse with a yellow design that had a low V-Neck. He was teasing me saying, "you like to show your chi-chis all the time, so we made sure it was low-cut." LMAO! Tony liked it; it's not that revealing!! Omg, which reminds me, one of my sisters, bought me a bunch of stuff in a bag, and there was a box of condoms in there! I tried to throw it off and stuffed it in the gift bag with purple tissue paper on top. I didn't want my mom to notice and flip!

Even at my party, I was worried about school-work; I kept saying I needed to watch Total Recall this weekend, so I could do my assignment for my film class, and one of my guests, a close friend of the family, ended up running to the video store and buying me the DVD, pretty cool! I am so thankful for all these wonderful things in my life; Tony and I start RCIA courses soon with the Church, so I will be completely Catholic by April and we are getting closer to marriage, frightening, isn't it? (wink-wink) I just noticed that JcPenney has some beautiful wedding dresses at affordable prices, too. Hmm, inspiriation to lose weight! Either way, I need to take better care of myself, because of my health and history of heart disease, diabetics, etc. And, the clothes are tight!

More and more, Tony and I are in the public eye,
People have been coming up to us lately, either assuming we're married or that we're already engaged. If finances were different, we'd probably be there, but it's okay. Patience is a virtue, and I love Tony regardless of his income. Like those Chicano rap songs say, "Down for you when you have money, and down when you're broke." haha, I'm straight up loyal like that!

Last week was my niece's quince, and it was such a blast that before we knew it, it was over. I didn't get to sleep till close to 3 a.m. and my feet were so swollen, I didn't think my silver dress shoes would come off! I wore a black halter dress that had a black and white design on the skirt -very pretty! I actually like halters now. I thought I was too big to wear them, but turns out I am not! Soo woohoo, lemme look sexy and pretty! My niece looked so grown-up, mature, too! She is so tall; I can't believe it already passed; we were so used to planning it.

I know this entry is long, but I still have one more thing to mention. Today as I was waiting in line to set up my deductions to pay my loan from the service center that is giving me my teacher's certificate, I started talking to this lady. The more we talked, the more she recongized me from school and from the community. I felt real honored to be told I was a role model because of all my community work with the Latina Forum, I wanted to cry. There have been so many changes in the organization whose original mission was to promote higher education for Latina youth by being role models.. I have been disheartened by some of the changes, but hearing about the influence I can make in a young one's life, was motivating. I want to continue doing what I can; I know God can use me in so many ways, and the Latina Forum has been something I have been very passionate about, and I'd like to pray that that passion is reborn - despire some of the negative attitudes or conflicts that arise.
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